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The seer's primary power is clairvoyance. Through astral projection, the seer is able to walk between realms. They have other abilities including limited healing. Seers are often treated like national treasures due to the value of their abilities and their diminishing number. They are kept under close guard by kingdoms but occasionally are sent on state business. The seer is likely to wear light armour and often carries a staff or lightweight weapon. Their armour is often very decorative (as they're often used as a nation's status symbol) and allows only limited movement, as seers are generally not very mobile on the field.

Reference board for this project:

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Small update on the project! I'm revisiting it to improve on the previous turnaround!

Elysia womersley untitled 1

Making a simple turnaround.

Elysia womersley untitled 1

Looking at previous quick edits and then attempting to simplify the design a little more.

Elysia womersley finaldesign present

A design, with some sketchy variations on it to the right.

Elysia womersley finaldesign1 6
Elysia womersley variations2

Variations on the bottom left sketch from previous image. Includes costume and hat and hat embellishment sketching!

Elysia womersley variations1

Variations on thumb B

Elysia womersley thumbs2

Initial thumbnails