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Rees Rally Racers

Rees Rally Racers is a mobile platform game made by West Coast Studios. I worked on level design and environment art; I created 7 unique worlds which each had 3 race tracks within, plus one main menu scene including character, companion and car select. Each scene was created with a mixture of my own assets plus assets from the Unity store.

I also modelled 3 of the cars available and made all textures for 4 of the available car models. I hand painted the characters' textures and also helped to tweak companion models and other assets where needed. I created animations for all companions within the main menu and when riding in cars during races.

During the final stages of development, I assisted programmers in optimising all scenes, models and textures for mobile platforms. I also did some QA testing.

I also captured raw footage in Unity3D for a promo video. The promo project was 2 weeks from planning to completion.